Ammonia in Power: Centrica and Mitsubishi’s Revolution

Europe's First Ammonia Powered Station Map

Centrica Energy, Bord Gáis Energy and Mitsubishi Power will explore the development of an ammonia-fired gas turbine facility in Cork, Ireland. Source: Centrica Energy. The energy sphere in Europe is undergoing a profound transformation, thanks to the groundbreaking partnership between Centrica and Mitsubishi Power. This dynamic collaboration has ignited an ammonia-powered generation project at Cork’s […]

Utilizing Borescopes in Police Work for Enhanced Investigations

Kind police officers smiling standing

How Police can utilize Borescopes? As the dangers and risks of law enforcement continue to expand, borescopes continue to rise along with increasing applications. The Recon Borescope is the perfect tool for the use of the many field dangers and jobs police officers must undergo on a daily basis. Utilizing a borescope will help visualize […]

SPI Recon Borescope: Explosive Atmosphere Certified Inspection Solution

In late July we sent the Recon Borescope to get the ultimate test of reliability and safety. The MIL-STD810G certification was specifically performed to demonstrate the ability of the Recon to operate in the fuel-air explosive atmospheres without causing ignition.  The Recon was put through rigorous testing in multiple scenarios of different types and intensities […]

Identify Castings Flaws with the RECON Borescope

In April of 2021 Audi discovered cracks within its engine. This manufacturing defect developed during the casting process & caused cracks to run down the surface of the sixth cylinder’s bore. These small defects can cause engine oil leakage and catastrophic damage to the expensive, twin turbo-charged V8 engine. Not only do these cracks permanently […]

Making Fuel-Efficient Space Travel Possible

Aerospace Research Develops Revolutionary Working Model for Rocket Engines “The rotating detonation engine field is still in its infancy. We have tons of data about these engines, but we don’t understand what is going on.” Research refining this idea remains ongoing, aiding to increase our confidence in the future of this alternative engine set for […]

Sikorsky-Boeing Team Perfect Helicopter – SPI Borescopes

The Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant Helicopter that has recently made its public debut has been participating in the US Army’s Joint multi-role Medium future vertical lift program that is seeking replacement its UH-60 black hawk transport helicopter and AH-64 Apache gunships. The SB-1 Defiant competes with Bell helicopter’s V-280 valor tilt-rotor in the medium-lift – sized […]

The Future Lies Beyond the Final Frontier: Exploring Space Exploration

Asteroid Mining May Be Our Solution to Global Scarcity We’re running out of stuff. It’s impossible to ignore; every year news sources bombard us with news of our poor situation. But picture this: countless troves of precious treasure just above us, able to solve all our problems, should we just reach out and grab them. […]

Real-Life Iron Man Takes New Jet Pack Suit for a Joy Ride

Soon, the transport industry will comprise of flying human beings. It is safe to state that ‘super-humans’ will be a thing of the norm. The development of jetpacks has enabled us to fly thus making this phenomenon a reality. People will be moving from one place to another by just wearing a backpack then lift-off. […]

Digital Twins Technology Revolutionizing Commercial Airline Industry

What is the Digital Twins Technology? This is a technology that allows engineers to create a “twin” or a replica of physical objects such as vehicles, airplanes, and engines among others. For the digital twin technology to work efficiently, it involves connecting the actual physical object to the replica or virtual model of the object. […]

Toyota Debuts 2019 “Fun” Corolla Hatchback

When you think of Toyota, you probably think of dependability without many perks because Toyota isn’t necessarily known for manufacturing sporty vehicles. If you ask anyone that enjoys cars, they’re likely to tell you it’s a boring vehicle to drive. There’s nothing exciting about a Toyota, particularly a Toyota Corolla. These vehicles are built to […]

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