The most versatile videoscope available.


The most versatile videoscope available


The most versatile videoscope available

Borescope Cameras

Pipe Inspection System

Maximize your pipe inspection capabilities with our push-to-focus technology, two camera heads, and videoscope attachments

Recon Videoscope Series

Select from over 15 interchangeable probes and customize your RECON pro videoscope to handle any inspection 

Ranger Measurement System

Measure defects with accuracy and maximize the safety and function of your equipment with our Ranger Videoscope

Highlighted Features

Experience Innovation

Intuitive Features

Over one hundred engineers were interviewed to maximize the effectiveness of our equipment. As a result, we included features like push-to-focus, probe interchangeability, and accurate measurement on our equipment.

Experience quality

The Quality You Need

SPI’s inspection equipment delivers exceptional quality and versatility so you can inspect thoroughly and measure defects with unparalleled precision. Our goal is to ensure your inspection needs are met.
Experience Personalization

Customize Your Inspection Kit

SPI built our product lines with customization in mind, choose from multiple camera types, lengths, diameters, and accessories to include in your inspection kit to navigate any inspection with confidence.

Experience Reliability

Service You Can Count On

SPI prides itself on providing unmatched customer service. We offer immediate swaps on probes and repairs, commit to keeping our inventory fully stocked, and our inspection specialists are always available to answer your questions.

The Best Use SPI

“Without your interchangeable Probe system, our entire quality line would have grinded to a halt. We installed the spare probe in the storage case and completely eliminated costly downtime.”

– Quality Supervisor, Casting Company

“Wow, we were impressed to finally see this outstanding image quality. The RECON Pro delivered as promised.”

DOM/IA, Aviation 145 Repair Station

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