Dual View

Dual Camera Viewing Angle

Equipped with two high-resolution cameras – one facing forward and another at a 90° angle – these probes offer unparalleled versatility and precision. Demo one of our Dual View Probes and unlock a world of enhanced visibility!

Compatable with the NEW RECON Pro Interchanagable Probe System

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Dual View Probe Catalog

Maximum Viewing

Flip between the forward and side view cameras to identify debris, damage, or irregularities and complete a comprehensive inspection of your components.

Expand Your
Borescope’s Potential

Experience the best quality imaging in both the side view and straight view camera without changing the size of your optical tip or sacrificing any of the image clarity

Swap and Repair Program

SPI offers swaps on all probes so you can upgrade or repair your system without replacing your base unit.

Simply send us your probe and we will send you a new one at a low cost!

2-3 Day Turnaround

The Best Use SPI

“I’ve been in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years, and the Dual View probe is quite impressive. It’s literally like having eyes in two places at once.“

– Plant Manager, Manufacturing Plant

“The clarity of the images, whether from the straight view or side view camera, is outstanding. Plus, the fact that we can get these quality images without altering the optical tip is a huge bonus.”

– Medical Researcher, University Research Lab

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