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General Borescope Questions

Our team has been involved in the Borescope industry for the better part of a decade, but SPI Borescopes was launched in February of 2013. 

You can easily do this through a 5-minute conversation with an SPI representative to discuss your inspection process and inspection needs.

You can simply call our main number on the website, or reach out to your sales representative. We will be able to address your needs and find the fastest resolution from that point.

You name it. Aviation, oil and gas, energy, automotive, armed forces, and more. We serve any and every industry where you need to get a good look in a place that won’t fit your head.

Our corporate headquarters is in Miami, FL; however, we also have an office in Michigan to strategically help our customers.

Demo Program

We set up a call with an SPI representative for a 5-minute conversation to determine the best scope for you. The representative will then set up the best date and time to ship the unit to you. You will have 2-3 business days to test out our borescopes on your own inspections. After you’re done, just ship it back to SPI.

No. All of our demos are through the mail-out program.

There is absolutely no cost to demo or obligation to buy.

2-3 business days.

Yours truly at SPI borescopes. It’s free! No catch!

Depending on inventory. Talk to your representative to see availability and pricing.

There isn’t one! No catch. It’s a free demo program. We want you to try the scope because we know you will love it!

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