SPI Borescope Warranty and Repairs – Protect Your Investment

Spi Borescope’s Promise

Although Warranty and Repair Issues are inevitable, SPI Borescopes is proud to have one of the lowest rates of warranty or repair issues in the Borescope Industry.

If you ever find yourself with an issue, we will do everything in our power to make sure we make it right, the first time, as fast as possible.

Borescope Manufacturer’s Warranty

SPI Borescopes provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is effective as of the date of purchase for a 12 month period thereafter. During the 12-month warranty period, SPI Borescopes will repair, at no expense to the customer, any manufacturer defects of the borescope or borescope components.

This warranty will only cover repairs due to factory defects. If the customer damages the borescope through misuse or accident, the warranty will not apply to the repair.

The warranty is void if the borescope is altered or customized by any person or entity that is not certified by SPI Borescopes. Speak with your sales representative or call +1 (866) 319-6318 for any of your repair or warranty needs.

Borescope Repair Process

If you ever need to repair your borescope, the process is easy and painless. Simply contact your sales representative or Call +1 (866) 319-6318 to assess the damage and warranty status.


1. Contact your sales representative via email (info@spiborescopes.com) or call +1 (866) 319-6318

2. Ship your videoscope to our SPI Inspection Headquarters at:

SPI Borescopes
Attn: Repairs
14 NE 1st Ave, Suite 814
Miami, FL 33132

3. We will repair your scope and ship it back to you

4. That’s it!

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