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Our Recon Videoscope has all the necessary features for inspecting gas and steam turbines, generators, and boilers. When developing the Recon, we prioritized high resolution, adjustable lighting, and durability to help quality inspectors spot damage or corrosion in different light conditions or an environment that would expose the unit to water, dust, or other contaminants. SPI supplies RECON videoscopes to power generation facilities all over the country to ensure their components are in good working order and to avoid failures and downtime.

Spotlight Features

Excellent Image Quality

With 1080p imaging capabilities, the RECON pro will capture clear images of the component you are inspecting.

Intuitive Features

Access features like image enhancement, storage, and stamping on the Recon pro’s touchscreen to make inspecting turbines, generators, and boilers easy.

Interchangeable Probes

The Recon pro allows you to change probes in under a minute. Use this feature to add versatility to your unit and eliminate downtime.

Swap and Repair Program

Minimize maintenance costs and keep your inspections uninterrupted with our immediate probe swap and repair program.

Supported Inspections

Turbine blades

Combustion chambers

Generator stators

Boiler tubes


Heat exchanger tubes

Pumps and valves

Reciprocating engines

Compressor cylinders

Power transmission systems


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