Manufacturing Inspection with SPI Borescopes

The best way to ensure the quality of internal surfaces and features of casted parts is through remote visual inspection. SPI included manufacturing engineers in the development of our Recon Videoscope, which has all the necessary features for inspecting internal surfaces, welds, threads, and bores. When developing the Recon, we prioritized high resolution, probe flexibility, adjustable lighting, and durability to help quality inspectors spot cracks, pitting, or corrosion in narrow passages with differing light conditions or in an environment that would expose the unit to water, dust, or other contaminants. SPI provides foundries all over the country with our Recon Series videoscope. Call us to learn more about the RECON and receive a demo unit.

Spotlight Features

Excellent Image Quality

With 1080p imaging capabilities, the RECON pro will capture clear images of the component you are inspecting.


The Recon pro probes are built to withstand the rigors that go with inspection work like rough handling and environments with water, dust, and other contaminants.

Adjustable Lighting / Imaging Filters

Adjustable lighting and imaging filters are necessary to properly illuminate a bore and adapt to different lighting conditions.

Swap and Repair Program

Minimize maintenance costs and keep your inspections uninterrupted with our immediate probe swap and repair program

Supported Inspections

Engine Blocks 





Oil Pans

Valve Bodies


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