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3D Measurement Videoscope

The ultimate tool for precision measurement in various industries. With its advanced features, the Ranger offers an unparalleled solution for professionals who require accurate and precise measurements of complex parts and components.

Key Features

Interchangeable probe system with diameters of 4mm and 6mm

Servo motor controlled 4-way joystick articulation with locking feature

Bend angle: 120 degrees

Fully adjustable LEDs: 25 stages of brightness

Accurate 3D measuring capabilities

HD portable video scope

Large touchscreen for easy viewing and measurement

Real-time measurement and post-measurement capabilities 

Ranger Feature

Interchangeable Probe

The Ranger comes equipped with an interchangeable probe system. The probe diameters of 4mm and 6mm provide versatility for all measurement needs.

Ranger Feature

Servo Motor 4-Way
Joystick Articulation

Its servo motor controlled 4-way joystick articulation with a locking feature allows for easy and precise maneuvering and with a bend angle of 120 degrees no angle is too difficult to reach.

Ranger Feature

25 Stages of

The Ranger provides optimal illumination for any inspection environment because of its fully adjustable LEDs and 25 stages of brightness.


Ranger Feature

3D measuring capabilities

The Ranger boasts accurate 3D measuring capabilities, ensuring precise measurements every time. Invest in precision measurement with the Ranger 3D Videoscope. Designed for accuracy and reliability, the Ranger offers a cutting-edge solution for professionals in various industries. Contact us today to learn more about the Ranger and schedule your free demo. .

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