SPI Recon Borescope: Explosive Atmosphere Certified Inspection Solution

In late July we sent the Recon Borescope to get the ultimate test of reliability and safety. The MIL-STD810G certification was specifically performed to demonstrate the ability of the Recon to operate in the fuel-air explosive atmospheres without causing ignition.

 The Recon was put through rigorous testing in multiple scenarios of different types and intensities of explosive atmospheres and passed all of them with flying colors. ZERO anomalies were detected throughout each of the tests. 

This is integral to making sure our products can reliably be used in the many applications of fields we sell to. Especially since many of our applications are used in engines where there is plenty of explosive material. This guarantees that our product won’t cause any of this explosive material to catch and cause injury or damage to the products being tested.

It has always been a goal of SPI to make a reliable and safe borescope that can excel in all of the environments it might be used in. When our Recon Borescope is used in such harsh conditions, having this certification ensures the safety of anyone that uses our product. Companies can now feel secure using our Recon Borescopes in explosive environments.

Read more about what this certification means: CLICK HERE

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