Identify Castings Flaws with the RECON Borescope

In April of 2021 Audi discovered cracks within its engine. This manufacturing defect developed during the casting process & caused cracks to run down the surface of the sixth cylinder’s bore. These small defects can cause engine oil leakage and catastrophic damage to the expensive, twin turbo-charged V8 engine. Not only do these cracks permanently affect the performance of the vehicle but they also put the customers at risk of crashing due to engine stalling.

Analysis of this issue revealed that multiple factories were affected by this engine casting defect. Out of caution, Audi’s Product Safety Committee recalled the EA825 which was a decision that cost the company millions of dollars.

Panamera G2 MSB Karosseriebau der Porsche Leipzig GmbH am 01.06.2016


Nemak, the supplier of Audi’s engine blocks, is responsible for the cracks found within this manufacturing error. Nemak has since greatly improved the quality of their automotive parts by implementing a more efficient inspection process. The supplier has implemented a 100% borescope inspection in order to spot any  potential defects. Borescopes are high-tech inspection devices that provide visualization to unreachable areas. With the use of borescopes in their inspection process Nemak has been able to accurately detect all manufacturing defects before their products are released to the public.The Recon Borescope is the perfect tool to conduct final inspections on your engine components. With a condensed distal tip and world class digital camera, you will be able to visually access the smallest cavities and recesses to ensure that every part is up to spec. The Recon Ultra-Thin videoscope will get the job done.


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