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Routine remote visual inspection is essential for the safe operation of aircraft. With high-quality imaging, interchangeable scopes, and robust measurement features, our Ranger videoscope will make detecting cracks, erosion, and other critical flaws in jet engines easy.

Spotlight Features

Technician-Friendly Design

Hold and operate the videoscope with one hand using our pistol-grip design or rest the unit securely on the aircraft with using the magnetic base.

Interchangeable Probes

The Recon pro allows you to change probes in under a minute. Use this feature to add versatility to your unit or reduce downtime.

Excellent Image Quality

With 720p imaging capabilities, the RECON pro will capture clear images of the component you are inspecting

Swap and Repair Program

Minimize maintenance costs and keep your inspections uninterrupted with our immediate probe swap and repair program

Supported Inspections

Turbine blades

Combustion chambers

Fuel injectors

Wing spars

Fuselage frames

Landing gear components

Propeller assemblies

Main rotor gearboxes


Transmission Components

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