Utilizing Borescopes in Police Work for Enhanced Investigations

Police Borescopes

How Police can utilize Borescopes?

As the dangers and risks of law enforcement continue to expand, borescopes continue to rise along with increasing applications. The Recon Borescope is the perfect tool for the use of the many field dangers and jobs police officers must undergo on a daily basis. Utilizing a borescope will help visualize impossible to reach locations, helping reduce the time, effort and risk officers have to go through to make correct decisions during inspections.


Frequent uses of borescopes in the average police department:

  1. Inspection of rooms and tight spaces for location of any threats.
  2. Efficiently search cars, containers or packages
  3. Inspection of firearms
  4. Search and Rescue (Locating victims after disaster)
  5. Inspection of police resources (Helicopters, Vehicles, etc.)


Police officers can utilize and operate the recon borescope individually, meaning there would be no need for a second officer to aid in the inspection or search of any kind. The majority of borescopes you can find at SPI will fit the needs and requirements for police departments to handle dangerous situations. For the various tasks officers will handle in the field, SPI has an array of top of the line inspection technologies to choose for the specifics of any job a department may need. The majority of our borescopes are liquid proof and extremely durable for use in any situation.

Recommended Police Borescopes:

Due to the versatility of The Recon, the interchangeable probe system offers police many different options to find the perfect match for whatever the job requires. The ultra thin probes offer some of the smallest diameters a borescope can offer to fit into the tightest places. Our side view and articulating probes, are great for changing to different angles for improving the camera position. Our pipe inspection offers up to 100 feet of probe length, our inspection equipment offers versatility and durability for the toughest jobs.

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