Volkswagen’s Revolutionary AI Lab

In a bold move signaling a significant shift in automotive technology, Volkswagen has recently unveiled its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab. This development underscores the automotive industry’s growing interest in harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation and enhance customer experiences. Volkswagen’s AI Lab Initiative Volkswagen’s newly established AI lab serves as a global […]

Oil Industry M&A: Insights & Future Projections

Oil and Gas Freight

In 2023, the oil and gas industry witnessed a staggering $250 billion investment spree through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). What do these colossal deals imply, and how will they impact the oil and gas industry? Navigate through the implications of these colossal deals and their significant impact on the industry’s future with us. The Oil […]

X-66A: Redefining Green Aviation

Sustainable Aviation Image

  Credits: NASA In the ever-evolving aviation industry, sustainability has become an imperative. Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is not just a lofty goal; it’s a necessity. The X-66A, a collaborative effort between NASA and Boeing, is shaping the future of aviation by ushering in a new era of greener, cleaner, and quieter […]

Real-Life Iron Man Takes New Jet Pack Suit for a Joy Ride

Soon, the transport industry will comprise of flying human beings. It is safe to state that ‘super-humans’ will be a thing of the norm. The development of jetpacks has enabled us to fly thus making this phenomenon a reality. People will be moving from one place to another by just wearing a backpack then lift-off. […]

Borescope Applications for Helicopter Engines

Helicopter engines performance is crucial in ensuring that you enjoy a safe travel experience. However, as time goes, engines wear off. Without proper inspection and maintenance, the helicopter’s engine not only poses risks of accidents but also reduces operations efficiency. As such, routine inspections are necessary. Helicopter inspection Regardless of the engine type, its performance […]

Most Commonly Used Military Aircraft

To begin with, military aircraft are a unique type of aircraft with unique capabilities. They have special characteristics and restrictions when procuring them. We can classify them into two major categories, the Combat and Non-Combat aircraft. Combat aircraft are made to destroy enemies either in air-to-air battles or surface battles. Only the recognized military forces […]

Automotive Tech Trends 2019

The power of innovation has revolutionized the world. Through innovation, we not only invented machines, but we are continually applying better solutions to serve the new market needs. Nowadays, cars can accomplish more than just getting you places; they can entertain, warn, and even drive themselves. Some cars can even press the emergency brakes for […]

How New Tech Fuels the Oil and Gas Industries

Due to the increased demand for oil and gas in the labor market, as a result of rapid population growth worldwide, there is a need for oil and gas industries to come up with solutions in order to satisfy demand. The 21st century is the age of exponential growth, achieved by innovation and modern technology. […]

7 Fantastic New Gadgets and Technologies in 2019

With the technology aspect of our world growing, we are about to conserve our personalities and install them to robots or cyborgs so that we continue functioning even when our bodies die. This may take some time before it’s achieved, but we keep getting closer to this dream every year. However, we may not become […]

The Drone Industry: Just Getting Started or Ready for Takeoff?

It Might Seem Like Drones are Everywhere and Being Used for Everything, But the Industry is Just Getting its Wings! Compared to (less than) five years ago, it seems like drone usage is everywhere you look. Amazon is using Prime Air drones to do their dirty work, delivery companies are exploring ways to use them […]

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