Quantum Computing: The Next Evolution

Quantum computers has been trending more in science and technology news these days. Not only are they being pursued by countries to like the US, Britain, and China but also Tech Giants like IBM and Google. They have some “simple” versions in existence but they are incredibly limited on what they can do. To explain […]

Insight to Launch to Mars

In the latest science news, NASA is only weeks away from its next launch window of May 5th through June 8th, 2018 when they plan to launch a new probe called InSight into space with the destination of Mars. This is the first Mars landing since 2012 and, so far, the US is the only […]

The Future Is Bright for Solar Energy

There’s a future out there where your electric bill will only be a few bucks a month. For now, solar energy is still not so commonplace. This does not mean that solar power hasn’t made progress through the years. Solar energy has evolved to the point that we see them used in calculators, watches, and […]

What Are Holograms?

Technology is advancing faster than any of us can keep track. It’s about time holograms stop being a thing of the future and become a thing of the present. Nowadays, you can buy devices that project holograms from your own smartphones. There are even ways to project a live, full-sized hologram of a person. The […]

World-Class RC Helicopter Demonstration

Spinning blades, impossible maneuvers, and seamless control. This describes an experience that can only be possible with an RC helicopter. This awesome video shows a world champion RC helicopter pilot demo one of these amazing aircraft. A radio-controlled (RC) helicopter is a model helicopter that can have flight abilities that full-sized helicopters can’t do. These […]

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