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Your Checklist for Buying an Articulating Borescope

If you are looking for the best articulating borescope for your inspection needs, you have come to the right place! At SPI Borescopes, we live and breathe borescope technology and developments. We also work very closely with professionals in the aviation industries, industrial industries, automotive repair, military machinery repair fields, and many others to satisfy their maintenance and repair needs.

Choosing Your Articulating Borescope

We have developed a checklist of tips to help you buy the right articulating borescope combining your knowledge of your inspection processes, as well as the borescope itself. When you’re shopping for a borescope, here’s what you need to consider:

Understand What an Articulating Borescope Is:

A flexible, or articulating, borescope has a lot of use and utility, making it more popular than the rigid versions, and also allowing us to offer more variety. These borescopes record video and sound and provide very valuable data for technicians to spot wear before it causes trouble, or to identify the point of damage after trouble. They can also help technicians establish a baseline for quality to compare future inspections against.

Your Specific Application:

Looking for the right borescope is not a one-size-fits-all situation, figuratively or realistically. Our reach extends to gas turbine inspections, but we have many customers who are simply local mechanics who maintain vehicles like cars and trucks. How you are going to use the articulating borescope is the first consideration. You can then check out our industries page to find out more about how different industries put these tools to good use.

Choosing the Diameter and Length of the Cable:

The cable, or probe, is usually the determining factor when it comes to choosing an articulating borescope. Diameter and length requirements will depend on your applications. The openings and access points in the machinery will determine the diameter needed, while the probe length needs to be long enough to reach the furthest inspection point you will need to be able to reach. There typically won’t be an occasion where the cable is too long, so consider the variety of uses and what the maximum length and minimum diameter needed may be.

Different Types of Articulating Borescopes:

There are several different kinds of articulating borescopes that have varying functions and technical specifications. Different borescopes also have different battery life spans, which is an important function people need to consider when choosing the right borescope. Some mobile devices don’t have as long of a battery life as you need, while others can be plugged in for the duration of the inspection. There are also lightweight models available for lengthy inspections where it might be necessary to operate the articulating borescope while in an uncomfortable position.

Choose the Right Company Too!

One last thing to consider is the company that backs the articulating borescope. SPI Borescopes provides the highest level of customer service, customer support, and tech support. We also stand behind our products and can help you select the best articulating borescope for your needs. Browse our site to check out the different models, demonstrations, and learn more to help you decide what you need.

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