Improve Efficiency of Boiler Tubes and Heat Exchangers with Articulating Borescope

Stress cracking and stress induced corrosion are also common in these systems. A combination of weak or brittle welds or metal stress can lead to cracks and leaks that can cause system failure. Once an inspection is done, and the spot is identified, the operator can determine how extensive the cracking in, and what the best corrective action is to prevent further damage. There are also many other kinds of corrosion that aren’t due to a stressed system that can happen in a what seems like a flash.

Before your boiler tubes and heat exchanges have issues, get ahead of them with a proper inspection with an articulating borescope from SPI Borescopes. Even after there’s an issue, this important inspection tool will help you quickly identify the cause. Don’t risk long downtimes and further damage from not having the right tools!

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