Periodic Visual Inspections of Pumps & Valves Using an Articulating Borescope

Many different industries, products, and processes rely on pumps and valves to exist. A system that requires pumps and valves is a system that requires they work to proper specifications. Failure to keep the pumps and valves working will dramatically slow productivity, decrease efficiency, and cause a lot of down time for repairs on down the line.

Whether it’s soon, or whether it’s later, neglecting the pumps and valves you rely on in machinery and processes will lead to damage. If you are not using an articulating borescope for regular inspection, you are neglecting your equipment. Periodic visual inspections of valves and pumps using a borescope is the answer to conducting a proper inspection as a part of maintenance.

Pumps and Valves Preventative Maintenance

Industries that involve or refine oil, power generation, chemical manufacturing, water treatment, and so many others rely on pumps and valves in their daily operations; they are crucial to the operation of nearly any plant or factory. With preventative maintenance, these pumps and valves will stay operational and avoid any disruptions in productivity and output by keeping the processes and machines online.

Periodic visual borescope inspections of pumps and valves will prevent costly downtime that is associated with doing visual inspections without a borescope. Inspecting these systems require an actual look to verify everything is free of rust, pitting, wear, and other signs of damage. Without being able to visually check off that there are no ominous signs of failure, you are not doing a proper inspection, and are really gambling with your equipment. When you can’t afford to take the risk of your equipment breaking unexpectedly, an articulating borescope will help you do a thorough and proper inspection.

When There’s a Problem with Pumps and Valves

If something does go wrong with the pumps and valves in your systems, an inspection with a borescope from SPI Borescope can save you from further damage and prolonged downtime. By using articulating borescopes, you don’t have to break down the equipment to access all of the components; there is no reason to disassemble the valve or pump assembly with the use of and articulating borescope.

To use an articulating borescope to inspect damaged valves and pumps, all you need to do is extend the probe/cable and insert it into any access point. The borescope is equipped with optical video equipment that sends back visual data so you identify the exact issue, be it worn or broken parts, or a jam in the system somewhere, or a leak that’s causing slipping or improper lubrication at some point in the system. Take your time so you do not miss any issues, damage components with the probe, or damage the optics of the articulating borescope.

You’ll be able to do a visual inspection of every single component. Once the problem is identified, you can determine from there exactly what needs to be done, instead of guessing. This makes diagnostic work on pumps and valves much easier, safer, and cheaper for the operator, and for the company that’s losing precious production time from downed equipment.

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