Study Promotes the Use of Solar Panels on Roofs, but How Realistic Is It?

Have You Ever Wondered How Much Energy Could Be Supplied Through Rooftop Solar Power? A New Study Has Some Answers. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, released a report earlier this month on the potential of rooftop power for the average house. The Rooftop Solar Technical Potential for Low-to-Moderate Income Households in the United […]

Solar Spy Drone Could Stay Airborne for a Year

Consumer grade drones have a flight time measured in minutes. Some more advanced drones have flight times measured in hours, and even advanced military drones can barely be measured in days; two days for any drone, no matter the technology, would be pushing it. However, 2019 could be the year that changes all that as […]

Other States Take Note as Hawaii Goes 100% Renewable Energy

As Hawaii is Working Towards Incorporating Solar and Wind Energy on a Mass Scale, Other States are Watching to See if They Can Keep the Electricity Grid Stable Hawaii is already leading the country in almost every category when it comes to generating renewable energy and their sources; this is a big deal as the […]

Solar Power: How Close Are We Really?

Solar power and renewable energy has been buzzwords for over the past 2 decades in some circles. And why not when we can witness some real effects of global climate change like sea water levels rising and polar icecaps melting. With this real evidence of climate change, why are we not already changing our ways […]

Google to Power Georgia Facilities With Solar Panels

Google recently announced that it got the blessing from the State of Georgia to fuel a new energy program that will allow the major corporate giants to buy renewable energy. The source of power of their Georgia facility will come straight from Georgia Power, a major utility provider in the state. The newly inked approved […]