Precriptive Maintenance: Technology Shaping MRO Trends in Aviation

As technology continues to offer us advancements in the work of aviation maintenance and repair, we have to work to update our methods of how we address the method of MRO. Prescriptive maintenance may not be an entirely new concept, but it is slowly revolutionizing the way we tackle analysis and diagnoses. The idea behind this concept first begins with the practice of predictive analysis. This work by using advanced technology and analytics not only predict any problems that are likely to arise, but also deliver a slew of solutions to repair or prevent the issue. In more advanced case of prescriptive maintenance, the analytics may not only make these recommendations but also implement them. When considering the advancements in fleet management, prescriptive maintenance can truly help to minimize hits that can be taken by unexpected repairs and maintenance.

Prescriptive Maintenance in the Field of Aviation

In the world of aviation MRO, even slight advances in the way day to day technicians operate can be revolutionary. Since this field has a high-cost, low-demand and is asset-intensive, this type of maintenance advancement can make significant waves. With prescriptive maintenance, aviation technicians have the advantage of in front of the problem. Plus, they’ll have different options that can be considered and then immediately to ensure resolutions. So how is this discernable from predictive maintenance? Well, along with a predictive maintenance program, technicians may be alerted that the integrity of an engine part may soon be comprised, based on a series of vibration tests that were performed. On the other hand, a prescriptive maintenance system would not only identify the issue, but it would create and issue a work order that would immediately begin the inspection and repair process.

Using AI Tools in Aircraft MRO

Naturally, this means implementing software that has cognitive abilities – or the ability to think and deduce conclusions based on the information it has to process. This leads us to Artificial Intelligence and the significant impact it has on aviation maintenance, repair, and operations. Prescriptive maintenance has been drawing the attention of more than just the aviation field, which has helped the concept to continue to advance. A great example of this technology is breaking headlines in the automotive world: the self-driving car. As the car navigates through busy intersection and streets, it has to take in and analyze all the possible situations and not only offer but implement the solution that would best protect the integrity of the vehicles and, presumably, its passengers. In aviation, original equipment manufacturers, MROs, and all the workers involved are responsible for overseeing the inspection and care of the costly parts and materials involved. So, when a diagnostic solution arrives that can improve the way airplanes perform as well as save the company in costs, time, and resources, it boasts a sense of efficiency that is unparalleled.

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