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Borescopes for Industry Inspections

Here at SPI we specialize in many different industries so we can deliver the best quality and service to our customers. Our mission is to retool engineers across industries with borescopes, video scopes, and pipe inspection systems that have the quality they desire at a price they can afford. Maintenance and repair inspections take less time and produce better results with borescopes from SPI. We are proud to help our customers find the right scope for their inspections through our knowledgeable sales people and excellent handling of customer service.

We have provided our excellent articulating video borescopes to every industry, including the ones listed below. Click to read more about each industry and how SPI provides the solution to their inspection needs:


Information about the auto industry from repair shops to manufacturing plants and common inspections.

Aviation & Aerospace

Information about aircraft and component inspections, turbine maintenance, and repairs.

Energy & Power Gen

Information about renewable energy inspections, wind turbine maintenance, and borescope recommendations.

Military & Defense

Information about the armed forces technology, engineering, and related inspections.

Oil & Gas

Information about the fossil fuel industry and related non-destructive inspections.







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