Borescope Interchangeable probes

Advanced 6.4mm Borescope for Precise Inspections


Available in:
2.0 Meters
Straight View | Side View | Dual View | Ultraviolet | Working Channel

Features the Industry Demands

Massive Ultra Clear 6 Inch Screen

The Recon’s 6” High Definition Screen will allow your techs to stop squinting and start seeing what they have been missing. Gone are the days of terrible headaches from low resolution, tiny screens and eye pieces.

4-Way 360 Degree Joystick Controlled Articulation

The Recon uses an exact-control, PowerGlide rocker for precise manual articulation. With 4-way 360* joystick controlled articulation, and the ability to bend up to 180*, The Recon offers the best articulation and maneuverability on the market.

Better Camera & Lighting Technology

With a Million Pixel Camera & 6 Adjustable High Intensity LEDS (Up to 80,000 Lux), the Recon has the ability to get the images you need, to make the decisions that need to be made.

Inspection Documenting (Picture, Video & Audio Recording)

Documenting your inspection is easier than ever before. You can pull the trigger to capture an image, or click the Record button and film a video with full audio. It is even possible to enter unique file names and notes with the simple click keyboard.

Brilliant Display On Any Screen Size

With the built in HDMI port, 32GB SD Card, and Advanced Connectivity features, The Recon can be experienced in brilliant clarity on any size screen from 6 to 60 inches.

Extreme Durability

Designed for the punishment any indispensable tool will inevitably take, the Recon includes a high-density tungsten insertion tube, a reinforced solid-state screen, and a military grade carrying case.

More Features

Strategic Design

Engineered for borescope users, by borescope users; the Recon is a lightweight, ultra portable and easy to operate scope. The ergonomic pistol grip design and precisely placed controls make it perfect for even the most challenging inspections.

Intuitive Single Use Buttons

The control keys are laid out in a simple and intuitive design with very clear symbols and directives, allowing you to get the inspection you need faster and with less confusion.

Auxiliary Flashlight

The Recon Borescope is packed with innovative features including an auxiliary flashlight attached behind the unit. Our LED flashlight provides a reliable light source for any inspection process. Flashlight mode is easy to access. You won’t have to fiddle around to try and turn it on during an event that calls for a light source right away.

Quick-Lock Removable Magnetic Base

The Quick-Lock base allows you to connect or remove the base of the unit when you want to go from bench testing to ultra lightweight portability. The double locking system and the audible “Click” allows you to know you are completely secure. On top of that, the magnetized base gives you the ability for even more hands free options.

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