7 Fantastic New Gadgets and Technologies in 2019

With the technology aspect of our world growing, we are about to conserve our personalities and install them to robots or cyborgs so that we continue functioning even when our bodies die. This may take some time before it’s achieved, but we keep getting closer to this dream every year. However, we may not become cyborgs in 2019, but we sure are expecting some extremely cool gadgets, their functions and capabilities will blow your mind, brace yourself:


LG recently introduced its new technology, a folding TV. The TV is capable of stretching for up to 65 inches, but it can then “disappear” or roll up into a compact box. The TV also has a Google assistant and Alexa. The price for this TV has not been announced yet, but LG is planning on rolling out the production and selling of this TV later this year. This TV is a one of a kind 4K HDR Smart TV.


Gillette has decided to give their customers a barber’s experience without adding more blades, just heat. The razor gets the soap and the skin warm for a shave of a lifetime. Also, the heating of the razor doesn’t take forever either, in just 1 second the razor has heated to 122 degrees. These razors are really affordable, $160 for each. The experience you get from this heated razor much better compared to heating the razor by passing it under hot water.


Moodo introduced a portable version of their famous Moodo smart-home aroma diffuser. You can carry it anywhere, to your office, to your home or even in your car. All this portable diffuser need is a USB port for power. It’s compatible with all USB ports. You can change fragrance as you like, but it holds a single scent capsule at a time. With climate change and clean air awareness going on, you can rest assured because this diffuser doesn’t use aerosols to disperse the scent.


I think this is one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2019; it will be rolled out in August this year. It’s a very expensive 2 wheeler, going for $29,799, but it’s totally worth it, in my opinion. The motorcycle is not manual you won’t need the clutch and gears. It’s also very quiet for those who enjoy quiet rides. Any malfunctioning or just the general functioning of the motorcycle can be monitored using an app that they have created and connected to the motorcycle.


Launched at the CES 2019, this is a battery case that offers both wireless charging capabilities and phone protection. This case doesn’t block the lightning port which means you can make and receive calls, listen to music and browse while still charging. The Juice pack case is made of rubber which acts as a good shock absorber protecting the iPhone from damage when dropped. This Juice pack access can be charged using the QI wireless or through the USB-C port.


This is one of a kind appliance you will want to have in your kitchen. It’s a combination of many other kitchen appliances on one single set. It can boil, stew, steam, mince, emulsify, whip and stir. This appliance reduces the amount of time you take cooking and the number of appliances you actually need to make a meal. For those who haven’t used Kitchen Aid appliances before, they have an app, Whirlpool that can download recipes and load them to the appliances; this capability is possible in the Cook Processor Connect. The average cost of this appliance will be between $1000 and $1600.


Blockchain technology has had much success in tracking and recording online cryptocurrency transactions. Its incorruptible nature makes it an ideal system to regulate the energy market, excluding the middlemen. Through this technology, people can buy and sell energy directly and monitor the consumption of energy. According to Forbes, more developments, on a wider scale, are going to be done on this technology thanks to its success in projects such as the Brooklyn Microgrid.


After the biometrics technology being considered as the next big thing for some time, it has now materialized in some major airports around the globe. The biometrics technology is an innovative initiative to improve passenger experience and processing. Some major airports that have started using the biometrics technology are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Changi Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Heathrow Airport. Blockchain technology will also be used alongside biometrics to improve passenger processing.


I have listed some of the coolest devices and technologies in 2019. Some of these technologies are still under development while some, for example, the devices, are already being shipped to various destinations. Technologies such blockchain and biometrics recently started being implemented but we will see more developments this year.

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