New Green Technology in the HVAC Industry 2018

The HVAC industry is making significant advancements with new green technological advancements through research and development. These improvements will be beneficial in several ways, including increasing efficiency, saving consumers money, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

HVAC Green Technology Improvements

Running the A/C in the summer and the heat in the winter can really put a dent in your wallet, not to mention it leaves behind a sizable carbon footprint. HVAC installation and repairs aren’t exactly cheap either. The HVAC industry hopes to curb some of these issues with technological improvements in the equipment necessary for cooling and heating.

Smart Thermostats

Most newer homes or businesses tend to have digital thermostats that allow the user to easily set the temperature and control the climate. Smart thermostats were developed with the technology that allows the user to control it remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

Users can save money on energy expenses by remotely controlling the temperature from anywhere in the world. Not only that but smart thermostats improve HVAC systems altogether. With the advancements in thermostats, these units are customizable, compatible with smart home technologies, and more energy efficient.

Green Building Standards

Green buildings have been reported to cost about 14 percent less to operate than conventional buildings or warehouses. These buildings are easier to keep cool or warm throughout the varying seasons.

Companies investing in more efficient HVAC systems are taking that essential step necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants, and operational costs. These advances also include air purification systems that deliver quality air, which improves health and safety.

Quiet Duct Wrap

Duct wrap isn’t a new product in the HVAC industry. It’s been around for years but a new type of duct wrap has hit the market in the United States and around the world. This green duct wrap is derived from recycled denim. Instead of sitting in landfills, this recycled denim contains no irritants, low VOCs, and gets the job done like traditional duct wrap.

Along with providing insulation, it has other benefits. It doesn’t contain the itchy fiberglass that can cause serious skin irritation. It carries a Class-A Fire Rating. The aluminum barrier protects against moisture, vapors, and reflects undesirable heat.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

HVAC system installations are not always affordable by everyone around the country. For those in need, these revolutionary ductless mini-split systems are just the answer. They are highly efficient and don’t require a lot of space. They provide heating and cooling while saving money on operating costs and installation. They can be installed just about anywhere since ducting isn’t necessary.

New Rooftop Commercial A/C Unit Standards

Corporations were expected to begin transitioning from older rooftop commercial A/C units to newer green-friendly systems that improve efficiency by at least 10 percent. The Department of Energy sets the benchmark at 25 to 30 percent with another law that takes effect in 2023. Building owners are expected to save 1.7 trillion kWh in energy over 30 years, along with reducing dangerous greenhouse emissions.

HVAC Industry to Improve Future Efficiency

Everything from residences to businesses and industrial warehouses to hospitals utilizes HVAC systems to ensure proper cooling and heating. It’s vital the manufacturers continue shifting toward a greener future with more efficient HVAC technologies.

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