World-Class RC Helicopter Demonstration

Spinning blades, impossible maneuvers, and seamless control. This describes an experience that can only be possible with an RC helicopter. This awesome video shows a world champion RC helicopter pilot demo one of these amazing aircraft.

A radio-controlled (RC) helicopter is a model helicopter that can have flight abilities that full-sized helicopters can’t do.

These model aircraft seem to defy the laws of gravity with the use of dynamic flight controls that function by means of small servo motors, commonly called “servos”. These machines are powered by glow fuel (also known as nitro fuel), petrol, electric batteries, and even turbine engines. Nowadays, most RC helicopter pilots opt for electrical RC helicopters powered by batteries.

The technology for these models has advanced to the point that electric motors have the same power and life as the more traditional glow fuel-powered motors. These incredible machines use very small and powerful engines that mimic the actual engines used in full-sized helicopters. Actual helicopter engines are usually piston engines, like the one showed on the right. These work using a mixture of air and fuel to create combustion that ultimately powers the engine.

Whether you are inspecting the tiny motor in an RC helicopter or the one in the real deal, it’s essential that you have the right tools to tackle the job. Here at SPI Borescopes, we supply you with the technology you need with the quality you desire, at a price you can afford.

Just like actual-size helicopters, RC helicopters have to undergo regular maintenance inspections. For when you need to inspect and repair the real thing, SPI has the perfect tool for the job.

We recommend the X1 Series articulating video borescope for your helicopter nondestructive inspections.

Some key features include:

4-way, 360 Articulation

Magnetic Base

3.8mm & 6mm Insertion Tubes

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