SPI Borescopes Testimonials – See What Our Customers Have to Say


The work your company did was outstanding, if another group decide to buy a Borescope I will recommend your company!

– Commercial Aviation Technician –

The scopes were a great hit – the team liked the quality of the picture and the amount of light provided by the scopes (X1 Series and MC1 Series).

– Commercial Aerospace Technician –

Everything is working very well…We will work for any future projects with you guys, our experience with SPI has [been] tremendously good.

– Aerospace Purchasing Agent –

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that we had stopped a test and were able to use the borescope to check the component’s internals (previously impossible). We found the component had indeed failed and were able to save ~$30,000 in test time. It was a grand slam for your borescope!

– Fuel and Lubricant Additive Manufacturer –

After conducting a demo with your DG1 borescope, we decided that we didn’t need just one, but could use five of these great tools! The quality and value your borescope provides made it a simple decision to purchase one for every department.

-Submarine Component Manufacturer-

After borrowing your DG1 from a sister company, we realized the time and cost savings your borescopes provided when inspecting pipelines, rotary meters and orifice plates. We ordered two!

-Natural Gas Provider-

We just received the DG1 borescope yesterday and, boy, does it work great! We are able to look at the injector tips by looking through the injectors. Man, does that save us time and make it so convenient for our inspections!

-Energy Services Provider-

We needed a borescope with excellent resolution to provide as much detail as possible when looking at bearings and gears in a failure state. The DG1 worked perfectly!

-Mining Equipment and Parts Supplier-

…The borescope is awesome, the turnaround time when inspecting the fuel/oil tubes has been halved so it’s already paying for itself!

[My] team is very happy with the borescope. This particular borescope (X1) was significantly better than some of the other borescopes we have here. The difference is night & day!

-Aviation and Aerospace Technician –

The equipment (The X1) worked perfectly

– Aviation and Aerospace Technician –

[The X1] does all I need it to do! Worked great and the pics are clear and camera worked great! I will recommend your scope for pricing and ease of use and quality!

[We] have used the DG1 to investigate bushing failures. I really like the camera and video function all in one handheld unit.

-Energy and Power Gen Technician-

I’ve actually already saved enough money that the [JCM 300] has paid for itself!

-Chemical Engineer-

The [X1’s] articulation feature has received the most feedback and enables us inspect hard to get to areas and the high resolution enables us to inspect our work with fine detail.

-Mechanical Technician from Aerospace Company-

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