Real-Life Iron Man Takes His New Jet Pack Suit on a Joy Ride

Soon, the transport industry will comprise of flying human beings. It is safe to state that ‘super-humans’ will be a thing of the norm. The development of jetpacks has enabled us to fly thus making this phenomenon a reality. People will be moving from one place to another by just wearing a backpack then lift-off. […]

Richard Branson Expects Hyperloop in Just Three Years

  Billionaire Richard Branson expects that humans will be able to travel via hyperloop by the time 2021 rolls around, could this be real?   How Does a Hyperloop Work? The theory behind a hyperloop transportation system for humans is based on a vacuum system. This would drive an electromagnetically propelled pod, which is made […]

Garmin Introduces Mini In-Flight Satellite Communicator

  Coming in a Small, Multifunction Pack, Garmin’s New inReach Mini Has Great In-Flight Potential It might be small, but it’s mighty, the new inReach Mini from Garmin is a great two-way satellite communicator that has the aviation industry a-buzz after its release earlier this month. Garmin Ltd. introduced the inReach as a device to […]

Drones to the Rescue: Drones Assist in Emergency Response

Over the last few years, drones have assisted humans in ways we would never have imagined a decade ago. Their common uses are aerial video over buildings, infrastructures, and even crops, but another use they are soon to be known for is improving mobile and internet services for emergency use. First, let’s talk about the […]

Solar Power: How Close Are We Really?

Solar power and renewable energy has been buzzwords for over the past 2 decades in some circles. And why not when we can witness some real effects of global climate change like sea water levels rising and polar icecaps melting. With this real evidence of climate change, why are we not already changing our ways […]

Are Connected Cars the Future of Automotive Technology?

Technology is continuously offering us new ways to further our connectivity and improve the functionality of our lives. Ultimately, people search for tools that can make their day-to-day lives easier and more enjoyable. This is evident in the ever-evolving technology present in cell phones, computers, and now – cars! New gadgets such as smart watches […]

Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Automotive Technology in Miami

Technology, in general, is constantly changing the way we interact and perform everyday activities, and it is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, The same can be said for the automotive tech industry. Self-driving cars once an idea of the future that we saw in movies and tv shows, is now a reality. While […]

What Are Holograms?

Technology is advancing faster than any of us can keep track. It’s about time holograms stop being a thing of the future and become a thing of the present. Nowadays, you can buy devices that project holograms from your own smartphones. There are even ways to project a live, full-sized hologram of a person. The […]