We’re Still at Take off With Drone Usage

It Might Seem Like Drones are Everywhere and Being Used for Everything, But the Industry is Just Getting its Wings! Compared to (less than) five years ago, it seems like drone usage is everywhere you look. Amazon is using Prime Air drones to do their dirty work, delivery companies are exploring ways to use them […]

Solar Spy Drone Could Stay Airborne for a Year

Consumer grade drones have a flight time measured in minutes. Some more advanced drones have flight times measured in hours, and even advanced military drones can barely be measured in days; two days for any drone, no matter the technology, would be pushing it. However, 2019 could be the year that changes all that as […]

Drones to the Rescue: Drones Assist in Emergency Response

Over the last few years, drones have assisted humans in ways we would never have imagined a decade ago. Their common uses are aerial video over buildings, infrastructures, and even crops, but another use they are soon to be known for is improving mobile and internet services for emergency use. First, let’s talk about the […]