How New Tech Fuels the Oil and Gas Industries

Due to the increased demand for oil and gas in the labor market, as a result of rapid population growth worldwide, there is a need for oil and gas industries to come up with solutions in order to satisfy demand. The 21st century is the age of exponential growth, achieved by innovation and modern technology. […]

7 Fantastic New Gadgets and Technologies in 2019

With the technology aspect of our world growing, we are about to conserve our personalities and install them to robots or cyborgs so that we continue functioning even when our bodies die. This may take some time before it’s achieved, but we keep getting closer to this dream every year. However, we may not become […]

Digital Twins Technology Revolutionizing Commercial Airline Industry

What is the Digital Twins Technology? This is a technology that allows engineers to create a “twin” or a replica of physical objects such as vehicles, airplanes, and engines among others. For the digital twin technology to work efficiently, it involves connecting the actual physical object to the replica or virtual model of the object. […]

Toyota Debuts 2019 “Fun” Corolla Hatchback

When you think of Toyota, you probably think of dependability without many perks because Toyota isn’t necessarily known for manufacturing sporty vehicles. If you ask anyone that enjoys cars, they’re likely to tell you it’s a boring vehicle to drive. There’s nothing exciting about a Toyota, particularly a Toyota Corolla. These vehicles are built to […]

New Green Technology in the HVAC Industry 2018

The HVAC industry is making significant advancements with new green technological advancements through research and development. These improvements will be beneficial in several ways, including increasing efficiency, saving consumers money, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. HVAC Green Technology Improvements Running the A/C in the summer and the heat in the winter can really put a […]

Improving Sight for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Several companies have designed smart glasses for improving the sight for the blind and visually impaired. These “smart” glasses are bound to revolutionize the world by providing visually impaired individuals with functional sight. Development of Smart Glasses According to the World Health Organization, nearly 285 million people are either visually impaired or blind worldwide. Nearly […]

The Drone Industry: Just Getting Started or Ready for Takeoff?

It Might Seem Like Drones are Everywhere and Being Used for Everything, But the Industry is Just Getting its Wings! Compared to (less than) five years ago, it seems like drone usage is everywhere you look. Amazon is using Prime Air drones to do their dirty work, delivery companies are exploring ways to use them […]

Study Promotes Realistic Use of Solar Panels on Roofs

Have You Ever Wondered How Much Energy Could Be Supplied Through Rooftop Solar Power? A New Study Has Some Answers. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, released a report earlier this month on the potential of rooftop power for the average house. The Rooftop Solar Technical Potential for Low-to-Moderate Income Households in the United […]

Solar Spy Drone – How to Stay Airborne for a Year

Consumer grade drones have a flight time measured in minutes. Some more advanced drones have flight times measured in hours, and even advanced military drones can barely be measured in days; two days for any drone, no matter the technology, would be pushing it. However, 2019 could be the year that changes all that as […]

Richard Branson’s Bold Prediction: Hyperloop in Just Three Years

Billionaire Richard Branson expects that humans will be able to travel via hyperloop by the time 2021 rolls around, could this be real? How Does a Hyperloop Work? The theory behind a hyperloop transportation system for humans is based on a vacuum system. This would drive an electromagnetically propelled pod, which is made to hold […]

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